26 May
Tórshavn (capital)
Art - Performance

Det er alltid en tråd en plass (There Is Always a Thread Somewhere)

In Det er alltid en tråd en plass (There is Always a Thread Somewhere) we get a unique insight into the lives of people with dementia. Through a documentary-based performance, the performing arts company Kompani Krapp spend time with five people with dementia over a period of two years at the Bergen Red Cross nursing home. The main characters share their thoughts and poetic texts from the nursing home, and it is these encounters and experiences that are conveyed through film and sound in the performance.

Kompani Krapp and its partner The Dignity Centre want more knowledge and understanding about dementia and wish to tell a slightly different story about the disease. The portrayal of dementia often carries the mark of loss, isolation, loneliness and the enormous financial burden a dementia patient is on society. This performance focuses on the healthy aspects that reside inside patients who are living with dementia.

‘It’s about being seen, listened to and heard. But it’s also about seeing and meeting others with curiosity – those you meet for the first time or those you have known for a lifetime,’ says Kristine Nordby Simonsen, one of the founders of Kompani Krapp.

The performance is presented in Norwegian without surtitles.

Photo: Francisco Munoz


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Tórshavn (capital)


26 May 17:00