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Fishing trip in Árnafjørður


This is an authentic fishing experience! You sail in a traditional Faroese boat – the utmost of Faroese handicraft.

Sailing close to the shore you see the varied landscape with ravines and grottoes. Keep your eyes open to seals, as they have this area as their natural habitat.

Off the coast by Bergið, you cast your fishing line! Oftentimes you catch Atlantic cod and haddock, but sometimes you are in luck to catch the fighting saithe and mackerel. At a certain location, you will try to catch the beautiful “reyðfiskur” – a
variation of the Atlantic cod that assumes the red colours of its seaweed habitat.

Weather permitting, you cross the fiord towards Lishøvdi and fishing grounds favored by the islanders for centuries.

Should you be blessed with a catch, you get to take the fish home with you. Preparing a meal from your own catch brings yet another dimension to your experience.


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Adult 1165 DKK

Children 1-13 years 575 DKK