31 Jul - 28 Aug
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Fishing trip in Eiði


This is an authentic fishing experience! You sail in a traditional Faroese boat – the utmost of Faroese handicraft.

From the marina of Eiði you sail along the western shore of the Eiðiskollur. The coastline is spectacular with gorges and grottoes and the epic seastacks “Risin og Kellingin”.

There are rich fishing grounds in the area. Depending on weather and sea currents, you may cast your fishing line close to the seastacks, or at fishing grounds closer to the bay of Tjørnuvík on Streymoy.

Fish species such as Atlantic cod and haddock are frequent and sometimes you see the hard fighting saithe and mackerel! In some areas, on sandy seabed, you may try bait fishing for flatfish species such as dab and plaice.

Should you be blessed with a catch, the fish is yours to take home. You may then choose to prepare a wonderful and healthy meal with fish that you have caught yourself!


470 Eiði




31 Jul - 28 Aug Every: Fri


Adult 1165 DKK

Children 1-13 years 575 DKK