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Guided boat tour in Árnafjørður


This is an authentic guided boat tour. You sail in a traditional Faroese boat – the utmost creation of Faroese handicraft.

Árnafjørður is a fiord fenced by high mountains with distinct basaltic series from a volcanic origin.

Along the coast, you sail by ravines and waterfalls. You sail by Bergið, a steep climb, close to 500m in hight. There are grottoes, and in good weather it is possible to sail inside. If you keep your eyes open, you may spot seals and seabirds,
such as puffins and guillemots.

You cross the fjord towards Lishøvdi. On the tour you will be given time to take in the impressions, while hearing local stories. Stories bound to the people, the land, and the marine life here. To give perspective, you get to cast a fishing line, to see what is to be found under the water’s surface.

Returning to the marina you follow the western
seashore close by a long extinct settlement.


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