23 May
Tórshavn (capital)
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Block makes a commotion

The world’s favourite wooden log makes a commotion.

Block (“Kubbe” in Norwegian) has caused a racket on most things in this world, and is delighted when he finds rhythm and sound in unexpected places.

The books about the charming wooden log have been sold to a number of countries, and since the stories were translated into Chinese in 2012, Block has become a superstar in Asia. There, he appeals to both children and adults, and in Japan, there has been an exhibition, a Block-themed cafe and animated films about him. Last Autumn saw the world premiere of an interactive concert that toured in China.

In the book Block Makes a Commotion (2011), Block has a go as a band musician but ends up making sounds on lots of things. Based on this story, Block brings a new special edition of Commotion along with his assistants, musician and sound artist Stephan Meidell and series creator Åshild Kanstad Johnsen, to Litteraturhuset in his hometown of Bergen.

Together  they create noises and music on Meidell’s music machine – an interactive electric motor installation orchestra for children. How does it sound when small engines play on old instruments, or on other things one finds at home?

Photo: Litteraturhuset i Bergen


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Tórshavn (capital)


23 May 13:00