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West Nordic Day

Celebrating cooperation of Greenland, Iceland and The Faroe Islands

About the West Nordic Day

The West Nordic Day is held on September 23rd every year to increase the cooperation and strengthen the sense of closeness between the three neighboring countries, The Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Iceland.  The winter equinox was chosen as the date for the marking of the West Nordic history and culture in the West Nordic countries. The agreement on this West Nordic cultural cooperation is managed by the cultural ministries in the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Iceland. Today the West Nordic Day is celebrated in all three countries simultaneously.

Program for West Nordic Day celebration at The Nordic House
Music, art, lecture and food

22 September 4pm – Klingran
Leading up to the West Nordic Day we present a concert with Sóley Stefánsdóttir. Her work has attracted a huge following over the years with her dark, fairytale-infused songs. Summer through Fall 2019 sees Sóley crafting new musical blends and concoctions for her fourth solo album, which she will be showcasing ahead of the album’s release in 2020 with a special run of shows in the Faroe Islands. Expect a dark, surreal and experimental journey into the mind of this enigmatic Icelander.
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22 to 29 September all opening hours – Dansistovan
Nutsigassat | Translations
Art film by Danish artist Tinne Zenner.
While the housing blocks carry a past of national diaspora, layers of snow cover a future development in the city of Nuuk, Greenland. The landscape acts as a scenery for collective nostalgia and industrial production, as the film studies glitches in translation of language and culture in a post-colonial modernity.
English subtitles.

23. september kl. 17.30 – Kafé Systrar
Dinner in the café and West Nordic politics with Hallberu West 

Hallbera West lecture on West Nordic politics.
Ph.d. of political science Hallbera West will talk about the political cooperation between Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The lecture will be in Faroese.

The café Systrar offers a plate of salmon, skyr and bread together with vegetable soup and seaweed sprinkles for 89 kroner. Please sign up for a meal at nlh.fo (at the latest 23 September 2pm)


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