11 Oct
Tórshavn (capital)
75 - 150 DKK

Yukka + AySay

Exciting concert where we hear music which has grown from the artists’ respective roots – Danish/Turkish and Egyptian. We journey from beautiful modern folk music to awesome hip-hop rhythms and rap.

The concert is a part of Tórshavn Council’s Diversity Week.


AySay is a project that has its roots in lead singer Luna Ersahin. Coming from a twocultural family she brings the middle eastern traditional music into the western world. With both classical middle eastern instruments such as darbuka and baglama mixed with electronic samples and instruments, the music becomes an embodiment of the modern world and Luna her self. With lyrics in both Turkish, danish and english the songs have a tendency to seem both very close and far away.


Yukka has sacrificed everything for her music.  In the aftermaths of the Arabian Spring, Yukka started to use rap music in her political activism in order to make the world aware of political issues. This forced her to suddenly have to leave Egypt and for a while she felt that she had lost the ability to express herself through rim and flow. It was, however, rap music that helped her find her way back to herself and to start her life anew: “Rap is like a good friend, who was there for me, when noone else was” says Yukka, who raps in both English and Arabic and is ready to take over the Nordic House with her razorsharp lyrics and rock solid music.

Yukka is joined by a SMOKING hot team including DJ Aviaja and a backing dancer.

Be ready for an awesome night.


Nordic House - Norðurlandahúsið

Norðari Ringvegur
100 Tórshavn
Tórshavn (capital)


11 Oct 20:00


Normal 150 DKK

Student 75 DKK