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The Farmhouse in Kirkjubø is called Kirkjubøgarður.

Roykstovan is the oldest part of the house, and is one of the oldest still inhabited timber houses in the world.

It has been the farmers homestead since 1557, and prior to that, it was a part of the bishops palace. Dating back more than 900 years.

a Roykstova was the room where the fireplace was situated, and served as kitchen, workroom, living room, and as sleeping quarters.

You can visit this part of the house, which has a collection of farming and household implements from year 1100 and up.

Groups can book lunch, coffee or dinner to enjoy in this historic house.


50 DKK (to be put into the money box)

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 9.00-17.00

Sunday 14.00-17.00

Sometimes Roykstovan might be closed without prior notice.


Address: Heima í Garði 1, Kirkjubøur

Phone: +298 – 32 80 89/21 80 89

E-mail: joannes@patursson.fo

Website: Roykstovan í Kirkjubø