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Public Transportation

Covid-19 update:

Everyone is required to wear a facemask on all buses and ferries

Busses and Ferries

Public transport around the islands is efficient and wallet-friendly as ferries are government-subsidized and can cost as little as DKK 15. If you purchase multi-day Travel Cards (DKK 500 for 4 days), they can be used on all buses and ferries, with the exception of the one to Mykines.

If you have the time to travel according to the pace of the timetables, you won’t even need to rent a car.

More information on buses and ferries

City busses in Tórshavn

The city of Tórshavn has made it very easy for its residents and visitors to travel with the city bus, because all of them are free of charge and you can find the bus schedule here.

You can also find the route by using Google Maps.


If taking a helicopter ride is on your must-do list, the Faroe Islands might be the best place to finally cross it off. Not only are the views wonderful, but helicopter travel is subsidized by the government so that locals can live on some of the archipelago’s more remote islands. The helicopter subsidy is a community initiative, so it is only possible to do a one-way trip (and return using a ferry).

Book a helicopter

Bus Aiport - Tórshavn

Bus Tórshavn - Airport

Bus Tórshavn - Klaksvík

Bus Klaksvík-Tórshavn

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