5 female soloists - 1 Faroese and 4 Danish - perform their own music in a concert characterized by diversity, quality, intimacy and power.
Following an intense year with concerts in Pakistan and Denmark, HUN SOLO are about to embark on their next adventure – this time to the Faroe Islands. As always, they bring three fantastic guests along with them, who together with the HUN SOLO hosts will perform a short solo concert each. Each artist enters the stage on her own and the audience can expect at truly special evening, where they will experience five very different and cool female artists and their music. 

Great Svabo Bech

The Faroese singer, songwriter and violinist Greta Svabo Bech is the first guest that we present. With her clear voice and dreamy musical universe Greta has written music for world famous artists such as Cher and received a Grammy Awards nomination for her work with Deadmau5. She has been releasing music in her own name since 2013, and in 2014 she was awarded a Faroese Music Award for “Best female singer”. We are very much looking forward to hearing her unfold her ethereal sound under HUN SOLO’s diamond.

 Nana Jacobi:

Nana Jacobi has a reputation for delivering goose-bump inducing live performances. Her third album Expander from 2015 with melodic, filmic and sensual pop generated headlines lige “A brave voice” and “Inspired outsider close to the mainstream”. Nana has written music for several Danish feature films and. She is currently recording material for her next album, which for the first time in her career is writing and singing in Danish. 

Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg

:“…for a while she was Gordon, Knowles, Joplin and Patti in a magical union while music and wizardry came together.” This is how music magazine Gaffa described Kirstine’s HUN SOLO performance  on 8 March 2017. The former singer and songwriter in Blue Foundation has been bringing together dreams and noise on the Danish music scene for a long time. In 2013 she released her acclaimed album Hamskifte, which she wrote and produced herself. She is currently writing new music, of which she will perform some at the concert. 

The last two guests in the concert will be revealed at a later date.


10. November 2018
Norðari Ringvegur 14
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150,- w/VAT
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