Becoming Ceecee

The true story of a woman enduring a lifetime of abuse, harassment, mental disorders, failures, and self loathing, fighting for the right to be herself and trying to achieve the one thing the world didn’t seem to want her to have: happiness.
For the first time ever, Professional Life Coach Cecilia “Ceecee” Jacobsen is going to tell her heartbreaking, but inspirational true story about being the first (and for a long time only) openly trans person in the Faroe Islands. She’ll talk about gender, physical sex, and what it really means for her to have been transsexual. She will share how growing up in a small scale society massively impacted her entire life, and what it feels like to be “famous” for something you never asked for and never wanted. Follow along as she describes deeply personal key moments, from her earliest childhood memories to her sex reassignment surgery; through moving away and hiding her identity from everyone around her for years. She’ll share the unique insights she’s gained, the lessons she’s learned, and ultimately what you can learn from her experiences. On the surface this may seem like a tragedy, but ultimately it’s a story about overcoming adversities and being true to yourself regardless of what life throws at you. It’s a story about finding yourself, accepting what you find, and loving it. It’s a story about unlocking the secret to true happiness, a secret she wants to share with the world.


8. November 2018
Norðari Ringvegur
Zip code:
250,- w/VAT
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