Ólavsøka, the national holiday of the Faroes

Published on 7. June 2018
The national holiday of the Faroes take place every year on the 28th and 29th of July. People gather from near and far to celebrate 'Ólavsøka'. It was originally a memorial feast for the Norwegian king Olav the Holy. He brought Christianity to the Faroes and fell in the battle of Stiklestad on the 29th of July 1030.

Today, Ólavsøka has turned into a two-day celebration bursting with cultural events. Locals and visitors fill the otherwise quiet streets of Tórshavn wearing their national costumes or best dress. Many Faroese people living abroad travel home to take part in the celebrations.

Sport events, art exhibitions and live music turn the town into one big party; it all ends with a sing along and traditional chain dance on the town square Vaglið on the 29th of July. Up to 10,000 people gather here - that's 20% of the Faroese populations! - to sing new and old Faroese songs and dance the traditional chain dance together. 
Get the singalong brochure here, or in print at Visit Tórshavn
See the program for Ólavsøka here

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