Readings, music excerpts and soundscape of William Heinesen’s work can be experienced at the newly-opened Katrina Christiansen every Wednesday evening from 20:30 to 21:30.Tribute is paid to William Heinesen, one of the most unique and versatile artists the Faroe Islands have fostered. Travel back in time to William Heinesen’s universe when the surroundings, sounds and words where quite different from what they are now.


The music you hear when you enter and leave the room “Viggostova” is composed by William Heinesen. The piece is a variation for solo viola on a theme of the Kingo psalm: “Stå op og slå på dine strenge”. It is performed by Danish artist Kim Sjøgren on the CD “Træið”, published by record label TUTL.
  • Welcome and introduction of William Heinesen, the “Katrina Christiansen” house and its surroundings.
  • Music excerpt of “Tívilsdøtur”, a choral piece composed by William Heinesen, performed by Havnarkórið under the baton of Ólavur Hátún at a ceremony celebrating William Heinesen’s 80th Birthday.
  • Soundscape made by Linda Mortansdóttir with readings by Stephen Wilkinson of “The Tower at The End of The World” – the last novel that William Heinesen wrote in 1976.
  • Music excerpt of “Listaskálakantatan”, composed by William Heinesen for orchestra, choir, soloists and narrator. Conducted by Ólavur Hátún at a ceremony celebrating William Heinesen’s 80th Birthday.
  • Reading of the short story “The silent guests”, which William dedicated to the two Djurhuus brothers, poets from Tórshavn. Published in the short story collection “Laterna Magica” from 1985.
Tickets can bought at Visit Tórshavn, Hotel Hafnia reception and at the door.- See more here

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