This modern seagoing sailboat is the first of its kind to be used for charter in the Faroe Islands. Built in Bianca werft in Rudkøbing on Langeland in Denmark. She has both good sailing qualities and beauty. She is without  doubt a perfect seagoing sailing boat, adapted to an ocean where capricious winds blow and can sail at a angle of 30- 40 degrees up against the wind.

Enniway is equipped with all new modern navigations equipment, such as Nautec, radar, map plotter with GPS and global mobile satellite communications, Inmarsat C. The boat is spacious with all the comforts necessary for a pleasant holiday sailing. Six persons live in comfort onboard, both above and below deck. There are 3 bedrooms, toilet and shower. Great emphasis has been placed on the galley design. It is well equipped with proper working surfaces and lockers for food, utensils etc, 2 gas cookers, oven and refrigerator.The boat can be chartered for day, weekend or longer trips around the Faroe Islands and neighbour islands with or without a skipper. (Documented knowledge of sailing with this kind of boat type or similar will be required when renting the boat without a skipper.)

For information about day tours, evening tours, weekend tours or even charter, see the company's website.


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