Hiking trip- Norðadalur-Dalagjógv

Norðradalur - Dalagjógv The hike starts in the village of Norðradalur, on to Ennið and ascending the path by the gorge and the old sheep pen. We hear about the pen and the fold nearby, and also of one of the earliest sheep dips in the Faroe Islands. Then we walk the floor of the gorge all the way down to the shore. This part of the hike is somewhat demanding, but absolutely worth it.The perpendicular sides of the narrow gorge, along with the hum of the river and the special light create an atmosphere like no other.It is necessary to wear watertight clothes and non-slip shoes.We stay by the shore a while and then climb out of the gorge to Gjógvagerði. The hike ends by the house where we enjoy a light meal, included in the price.

The tours is available fridays in the summer season.
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The guide is Ólavur Reinert
Phone +298 223111


Undir Klakki 6
Zip code:
+298 286436

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