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Walking and driving around in the Faroe Islands, you will find that practically every village has a church.

The oldest one still in use is the 13th century St. Olav’s church in Kirkjubøur.

Today, eighty percent of the Faroese population are members of the Lutheran Church.

The churches still do play a vital role in Faroese society today and houses most weddings, funerals and Christmas celebrations.


The Cathedral

Built in 1788
Address: Kirkjuvegur 3, Tórshavn
Opening hours from May 1- Sept 1
Monday-Friday: 14.00-18.00
Saturday and Sunday 10.00-14.00
Service is all year, sundays at 11:00

Hoyvíkar kirkja

Built in 2007
Address: Kirkjustræti 8, Hoyvík
Opening hours
Wednesdays from 14.00-16.00
Church service is Sundays at 11:00

Kollfjarða kirkja

Built in 1837
Address: Við Sjógv, Kollafjørður
Church service is Sundays
April - Sept: 11:00
Oct - March:12:00

Kirkjubøar kirkja

From year 1200
Address: Kirkjubøur
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 8:00-20:00
Service on first Sunday in the month at 11:00

Nólsoyar kirkja

Built in 1863
Address: Kirkjutangi, Nólsoy
Church service is Sundays at 11:00

Kaldbaks kirkja

Built in 1835
Address: á Bø, Kaldbak
Church service is Sundays at 12:00

Kvívíkar kirkja

Built in 1903
Address: Kirkjuvegur 2
Church service is Sundays at 11:00

Vestmanna kirkja

Built 1895
Address: Bakkavegur 31, Vestmanna
Church service is Sundays at 11:00

Argja kirkja

Built in 1974
Address: Argjavegur 22, Argir
Church service sundays at 11:00

Vestur kirkjan

Built in 1975
Address: Landavegur 44, Tórshavn
Opening hours
Tues, Thurs, Fri from 16.00-17.30
Church service is Sundays at 11:00

Hestur Kirkja

Built in 1910.
Adress: Kvíggjarvegur 34, Hestur.
You can see overview of church services by looking at "komandi tiltøk".