It’s thanks to Tórshavn’s burgeoning population of 20,000 and counting that there’s a veritable buzz in the streets on a Friday and Saturday evening.

With an impressive array of bars and clubs for a town its size, a night out in the Faroese capital can be quite an eye-opening experience. Forget any notion of being the only person in the bar nursing your drink all night long, those days are long gone. Instead, well-dressed, well-heeled and, occasionally well-tipsy, revellers fill the sophisticated bars and clubs until the early hours of the morning.

True, things are not quite so wild midweek, but you’re probably used to that back home, too. What may come as a pleasant surprise, though, is just how friendly the nightlife scene in Tórshavn is — fresh faces always attract attention and questions, so don’t expect to be alone for long!