07 Aug - 15 Aug
Tórshavn (capital)
250 - 280 DKK

Ó - Søgur um djevulskap

By Daniel Wedel.

An adaptation of the novel by Carl Jóhan Jensen

Who killed Bænadikt Konradsen, the butcher of Gásadalur? Who is he really, Matthias J. Daniels? Missionary? A devil? Where does devilry in the end reside?

It is well-known, loved by some, reviled by others. It is out of print, has won its share of prizes. It is never-ending, unforgettable! The book! Did you ever read it? No? Don’t worry. Now it is staged.

The play based on the clever, profound, and devilishly suspenseful novel Ó, søgur um djevulskap (Un- Stories of Devilry)

Demons, horror, blood, spirits, murders, banquets, lust, desire, longings, villainy, inquest. Haunted and dripping with blood, this murder mystery unveils the darkest depths of the human psyche—the soul possessed by the devil, carrying out his dastardly deeds.

We welcome you to an unforgettable evening in the Nordic House, where you will travel through time and space into the shadowy nooks and crannies of this unsolved murder mystery.

The premier is on 7 August 2021 at 19:00.
The play runs until 15 August.
Join us on Friday the thirteenth for a special gothic performance at 22:00 (finishing at 01:13)

The Team
TVAZZ has ensembled a dream team of performing artists from the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark who cannot wait to welcome you to this Unforgettable murder mystery.

Playwright: Daniel Wedel
Director: Egill Heiðar Anton Pálsson
Production: Durita Sumberg Poulsen og Gunnvá Zachariasen
Staging/costumes: Martin Eriksson
Translator: Jonhard Mikkelsen
Music: Anna Katrin Øssursdóttir Egilstrøð og Jens Ladekarl Thomsen
Light: Súni Joensen
Film: Barbara Lervig
Anna Katrin Øssursdóttir Egilstrøð
Búi Dam
Durita Dahl Andreassen
Frederic Molund
Gunnvá Zachariasen
Hans Tórgarð
Kristina Sørensen Ougaard

In cooperation with the Nordic House and Hålogaland Theatre

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320 kr. (Early Bird till 19 July: 280 kr.)
Students and young people under 18: 250 kr.

The Nordic House follows the health authorities’ guidelines.
We guarantee unoccupied seats between parties to meet social distancing requirements.
Have you been traveling abroad, or are you visiting The Faroe Islands? You are welcome to attend events in The Nordic House, when you have received a negative test result on the 4th day after arrival in The Faroe Islands.
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Tórshavn (capital)


7 Aug 2021 19:00
8 Aug 2021 19:00
10 Aug 2021 19:00
11 Aug 2021 19:00
12 Aug 2021 19:00
13 Aug 2021 22:00
14 Aug 2021 16:00
15 Aug 2021 16:00


Early-bird ticket 280 DKK

Youth/student 250 DKK