• Nordradalur
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Photo: Kirstin Vang


Just 20 minutes drive from central Tórshavn, you will find this gem with dramatic landscape and one of the most picturesque views in the Faroe Islands. 

The village has only 10 inhabitants. There is no public transport to Norðradalur. 

Take the old mountain road towards the aiport, where you can enjoy the view over Kaldbaksbotn. When you turn towards Norðradalur, you will be greeted by the view over the village, its winding road and the island of Koltur.

There are currently no public transport, so you will need a car or why not rent a bike and enjoy the crisp air and beautiful views.



From the point Norðradalsskarð you will have a beautiful view of the valley of Norðradalur and the epic winding road down to the village. You will also see the island Koltur and the islet Trøllhøvdið.

Norðradalsskarð mountain pass is one of the most windy places in the Faroe Islands. During winter the wind speed will some days reach 120 miles per hour and even higher speed.​

Please be careful when driving in icy and windy conditions during the winter months from October to April.

This map below shows what you see when standing on Norðradalsskarð.