What to see and what to do when 
you are in 

Let us guide your way through the city of Tórshavn

We think you’re going to love Tórshavn! As the smallest capital city in the world, everything in Tórshavn is easy. Forget traffic-clogged highways, forget crowds of people, forget fighting for a seat on the bus. Here, we live life as it should be lived. With plenty of space and clean, fresh air, there’s a real sense of well-being in the Faroese capital. This is the sort of place, where people still have time for each other, where people are concerned about each other, and where life moves at a civilised pace.

Take a leisurely stroll down by the harbour and buy fresh fish straight from the fishermen. Or head into the old part of town and admire the unusual turf-roofed timber buildings, which are home to the Faroese government. Why not nose around the town centre – there are no chain stores here. Instead, we have plenty of privately-owned, local shops which sell everything from stylish Faroese knitwear to fresh flowers.