Impressively for a small nation, the Faroese generate a fair amount of music – and they are passionate about it. There are even two internationally acclaimed artists, Eivør Pálsdóttir and Teitur Lassen, who hail from the islands.


The Faroes proudly boast their own record label too, Tutl, which is state-supported and artist-owned, and was set up back in 1979; at their store in the centre of Tórshavn you can listen to and buy a wide range of Faroese music.


Add to that a music school in Tórshavn with two thousand students and a handful of international music festivals every year, notably the G! Festival where the main stage is set up on the beach below towering Faroese mountains, and it’s easy to see that music in the islands is on the up.

Places in Tórshavn