What to do on a rainy day

A local journalist's tips to a cozy rainy day in Tórshavn. 

We’re going to be honest here – a day in the Faroes without any rain is a bit of a rarity, especially at this time of year when the weather is changeable to say the least. It’s not unusual for there to be glorious sunshine and not a breath of wind when you leave the house in the morning, only for there to be howling wind and lashing rain when you’re heading back home again in the evening . Here in the Faroe Islands, you can have rain, wind, fog, sun and, yes, sometimes even snow at this time of year – all on  the same day. That’s just how things are out here in the North Atlantic and people simply make the most of it and get on with life whatever the weather.

That said, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Tórshavn on even the most inclement of days.


Visit our cafées

When the rain’s trickling down the windowpanes, what better to do than open a good book and enjoy a good cup of coffee as you turn the pages? Simply stroll down to Vaglið square in the town centre and you’ll come across the H.N.J. bookstore – known locally as “the old bookstore” and in our humble opinion one of the cutest bookshops anywhere in the world. Settle down in the adjoining Paname Café with a freshly brewed coffee or organic tea, treat yourself to a homemade cake or sandwich, and let the story begin.


Embrace the rain and go hike

A visit to the often rainy Faroe Islands requires the right clothing. Did you forget your raincoat and your hiking shoes? Pay a visit to the great shop Jógvan Weihe where you will find everything for your outdoors activities. 


Visit our galleries

At the National Gallery you will find the magnificent Faroese nature and the peculiar landscape converted into pictures. You can see works depicting the green mountains of the Faroe Islands, steep cliffs, the surrounding sea and pictures of marvelous rock formations. Furthermore, you can see the rich bird life, the many sheep, the picturesque villages and last but not least pictures depicting the changing weather in the Faroe Islands.


Afternoon tea by the sea

Fancy afternoon tea and cake in a classic hotel right on the Tórshavn seafront? Look no further than the architectural gem known across town as the Commandant’s Housethat was built in 1948 , renovated again in 2017 and is now open as a boutique hotel. Renovation work was carried out true to the original design and the result is certainly pleasing to the eye. During the winter, Havgrím Seaside Hotel serves afternoon tea for visitors daily from  Thursday-Sunday, 1pm-5.30pm.


Splash around in the swimming pool!

At the top end of Tórshavn, in Gundadalur, you’ll find the town’s excellent swimming pool. There are no fewer than four different pools here for swimming and diving, plus two smaller pools for kids to splash around in. Alternatively, you can go for a sauna or a Jacuzzi or even take a dip in the ice-cold plunge pool – if you’re made of sterner stuff. Remember to book ahead, if you want take a Jacuzzi though.


Read a Faroese book

As the rain taps rhythmically against the windows of the public library in Tórshavn, it creates a soothing backdrop for a literary escape like no other. Nestled within the cozy confines of this cultural haven, you find yourself drawn to the rows of Faroese books, each one promising an adventure into the heart and soul of these enchanting islands.



The Nordic House itself is a masterpiece of modern Nordic architecture. Its sleek lines and innovative design stand out even more against the against the island's unique surroundings. It's a captivating sight to behold, and the rain can enhance the visual appeal.

Visiting the Nordic House on a rainy day offers a multi-dimensional experience that combines the beauty of Nordic culture with the natural elements of the islands. The Nordic House often hosts cultural events, workshops, and exhibitions. It's a chance to embrace the weather, immerse yourself in art and history, and find comfort and inspiration in one of the most unique cultural centers in the North Atlantic.


Go for a city walk

We don’t recommend going hiking in the mountains by yourself in rough weather. Instead, there are several great walks in Tórshavn itself, such as through the park up to the National Gallery. Ask at the tourist office for other ideas for short walks through town, particularly if you’re looking for great views. At Visit Tórshavn we’ve also got some handy maps to get you on your way.