Local food perceptions by visitors in The Faroe Islands

Dear visitor

The Faroe Islands are participating in NorReg, a Nordic project aimed at incorporating regenerative mindsets and practices into our local tourism operations. One important basis for strengthening our community values and invigorating locallysourced production within tourism is the food and beverage offer.

For this reason, we are asking for your valuable input.

  • What do you experience as local food here in the Faroe Islands? Is is pretty? Tasty?
    Eeeeeh....Interesting? And what food is THE local food in your mind? 
  • Where did you experience local food? In restaurants? In local shops and markets? In supermarket chains? In museums and exhibitions?
  • And who did you enjoy it with?

    Explore the Faroe Islands gastronomy with these questions in mind!

    A lucky participant in this project will win a souvenir from Visit Tórshavn 

    Access our short survey here


All personal data will be treated confidentially and not used for any other purposes than those
stated within. 



Nordic Regenerative Tourism