Svartifossur translates to Black Waterfall, is a very beautiful waterfall, which is located 2 km north of the old town of Tórshavn in Hoydalsá, which flows down through Hoydalar, and is the old boundary between Tórshavn and Hoyvík. It can be very magnificent when it’s rainy weather, but in summer, after drought for a long time, there is only a little water in the river and waterfall. Then the stone wall is black (Hence the name). 

There are about 100 years old photographs of the waterfall, and these show that it has not changed significantly in these years. But the big stones in the stream below the waterfall show that in prehistoric times it had a different look.

In the old days, Tórshavn’s population came to this area to collect sod for the fireplace. On Sundays it was usual for people to walk here to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Right next to the waterfall you can also see the old sheepfold that the farmer used.

In recent times, the city has grown beyond Svartafoss, so that it is now in the city. However, the city council has designated the area around Svartafoss and Hoydalsá as a protected area. Trails have also been built so that it is now easy to stroll around in this scenic area.

See overview of the area here and on Google maps here.